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The most valuable resource is time and time is money.
In the digital age, it is not productive to spend time on purchasing such simple products as wind cones and windsocks.
We value time and therefore our main goal is to reduce your purchase time to a minimum.
Our innovative wind cones & windsocks are all manufactured worldwide on the modern equipment giving us full and complete control of quality together with perfect customer service.

Judging from our large satisfied customer base, we could say that we have achieved our main goals. But please, do not think we will stop and will not continue to strive for excellence. We are constantly reviewing our procedures and practices looking for improvements and cost saving technologies. We have a passion for this business! When you order from us, you will receive fast, courteous service, and products that innovations stand behind.

Company Introduction

Our team has been working together since 2002. Up for now we have managed to solve a lot of technical, logistics and servicing tasks.
We believe it's time to change the business model today from global domination to global partnership through joint infrastructure projects and establishing new joint business to create new markets for new products.
We intend not only to deliver ready-made solutions to other countries but also to create joint ventures with local partners to produce the necessary equipment on place and jointly implement innovative business projects in partners' countries.

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United Novations Team


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