Windsock UNW-310-ExL externally lighted set for runway & airstrips Wind cone has length of 100 cm (3.5') and the entrance diameter of 50 cm (20"). Mast height is 4.5 m (15'). Compliance - GOST-R

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Windsock externally lighted complete set UNW-310-ExL designed for installation on runway & airstrips in order to visually determine the direction and speed of the wind during daylight and dark hours.

It is equipped with a lighting system, which provides uniform illumination of the wind cone and cone area in the dark.

Wind cone has length of 100 cm (3.5') and the entrance diameter of 50 cm (20").

Mast has 3 elbows and total height is 5 m (16,5').  The mast is painted with powder paint.

External lighting system:

Floodlight – 4 PCs. 

Obstruction light – 1 piece.

Power supply voltage: ~ 220V

Conditions of use 

  • Temperature: -50C/-58F to +50C/ 122F 
  • Wind speed up to 25 m/s / 55mph 


  • Corrugated box – 1550x230x230mm. – 1 piece.
  • Corrugated box – 520x520x60mm. – 1 piece.


Mast height
5 m / 16,5'
Cone length (cm/feet)
100cm / 3.5'
Cone aperture (cm/inch)
50cm / 20in
Lighting system
External led (4+1)